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At GWM we develop web applications that are custom built for a business need or a service requirement. We deliver robust and scalable web application to help extend your business far and wide.

Web applications have exploded in popularity over the last decade given that ubiquity of web browsers, cross operating system compatibility and maintenance-free approach for end users. Whether your application is a small internal system that helps your team work more efficiently or a multi-million user consumer application, our team can help starting with strategy all the way through delivery and maintenance.

At GWM we design and develop Web Application using a range of technologies which include PHP, CodeIgniter, Objective C, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, WordPress, Joomla and ZenCart. We develop web applications for the four corners of screens, not just a specific device's screen dimensions. We build everything from enterprise grade web applications to simple content management systems that power mobile applications. We have many years of experience successfully delivering Web Applications for a range of clients, who require information to be managed in a secure and resilient way.

Our Featured Products

Point Of Sale System (POS)

Order Food Online System (eOrder)

Invoice Management System (eInvoice)

Appointment Booking & Case Management System (ACM)

Online Admission Application System (eAdmission)

Online Claims Management System (eClaims)

Customer Information Management System (CIM)

Email Sending Application System (ESA)